Ben Miller is a karst hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey in the Lower Mississippi-Gulf Water Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee.  Ben’s work includes recharge area delineation for caves and springs using dye tracing, seepage investigations examining surface water-groundwater interactions, hydrologic monitoring, and hydrologic studies coupled with biological inventories.   Most of Ben’s work involves partnerships with state and federal agencies, who often may need critical information for the management of karst resources or may need assistance in the protection of karst groundwater.  Ben holds a M.Sc. in Hydrology and Geomorphology from Western Kentucky University with an emphasis in karst hydrology and a B.Sc. in Natural Resource Recreation Management from University of Missouri-Columbia.  Ben’s early career was with the Missouri State Park system where he worked on interpretation and natural resource management at Onondaga Cave State Park.  Following graduate school and prior to his time at USGS, Ben worked at Western Kentucky University where he helped manage a cave owned by the University where a robust monitoring network was established studying agricultural impacts on karst.  Ben serves on the board for the Cave Research Foundation, the Tennessee Cave Survey, and is on the steering committee for the National Cave and Karst Management Symposium.  Ben is also a lifelong avid caver and cave mapper, having surveyed and drafted cave maps for over 500 caves in 13 states and 6 countries.  Ben hopes to bring his experience in karst hydrology and cave management to the KWI in order to help promote the study and protection of these unique and sensitive environments.