Geary Schindel

Geary Schindel is the President of Karst Works, Inc. an environmental consulting firm specializing in environmental resource management in karst terrains. Mr. Schindel holds a BS from West Virginia University and an M.S. from Western Kentucky University. With over 40 years of experience, Schindel has been employed as a physical science technician for the National Park Service at Mammoth Cave National Park; Supervisor and Branch Manager of the Ground Water Branch for the Kentucky Division of Water; Environmental Services Manager for ATEC Associates; Director of Karst Hydrology and Senior Project Manager for Eckenfelder/Brown & Caldwell; and Chief Technical Officer and Director of Aquifer Sciences at the Edwards Aquifer Authority. He has performed water quality and quantity investigations on leaking underground storage tanks, permitting and monitoring of solid waste landfills, and remedial investigations for both RCRA and CERLA facilities including National Priority List sites. Mr. Schindel has extensive experience in Source Water Protection Programs in karst and non-karst settings. He has performed hundreds of tracer tests throughout the U.S. and has worked in more than 30 states and several foreign countries. Schindel has served as President and Administrative Vice President for the National Speleological Society and holds or has held professional geologist certifications in five states. He is currently the co-chair and founder of the Texas Hydro Geo Workshop. He and his wife Susan reside in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Schindel hopes to bring his experience to KWI to promote education, management and protection of karst.