Mission Statement, Governance, and Goals


The Karst Waters Institute is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit institution whose mission is to improve the fundamental understanding of karst water systems for professionals and the public.


The institute is governed by a Board of Directors and does not have or issue memberships at this time.  Institute activities include the initiation, coordination, and conduct of research, the sponsorship of conferences and workshops, and occasional publication of scientific works. KWI supports these activities by acting as a coordinating agency for funding and personnel, but does not supply direct funding or grants to individual researchers.

Goal 1: Engage professionals in small conferences and workshops to advance karst science.

  • Organize national and international conferences
  • Involve interdisciplinary groups
  • Invite recognized specialists and junior career scientists to network at meetings
  • Coordinate with other organizations to organize conferences

Goal 2: Increase recognition and publication of karst science

  • Identify and honor contributions of outstanding research through the KWI Karst Award
  • Disseminate information via the KWI book series
  • Contribute proceedings, manuscripts, and other meeting reports to peer-reviewed journals and published books
  • Submit proposals and white papers to funding and regulatory agencies

Goal 3: Foster development of karst professionals

  • Support graduate student research through the Wilson Award
  • Sponsor karst sessions at non-KWI national meetings
  • Provide a vehicle for small grant management
  • Engage young professionals in KWI activities
  • Develop and early-career award

Goal 4: Communicate and disseminate information to the public

  • Maintain a website with karst-related information
  • Invite public members to conferences as appropriate
  • Create educational and outreach materials
  • Provide information to the public-science press