Hypogenic Cave Morphologies Conference

Conference Proceedings: KWI Special Publication 18free download


Welcome to the registration page for the KWI Hypogenic Cave Morphologies conference. This event is being held February 2-7, 2014, on San Salvador, Bahamas. The event is by invitation only.

The registration cost for the conference is $620 USD, and includes all room (double occupancy) and board costs at the GRC, all San Salvador Island field trips and the field guide, all social events, and all sessions.

If you can make full payment at one time (option 3), then it is very helpful to us. Registration fees are only refundable at discretion of the organizers.

Choose appropriate options below:

1) Make initial deposit (reservation) $200 Due by September 1, 2013

2) Make final payment $420 Due by December 1, 2013

3) Make complete payment $620 Due by December 1, 2013

4) Eleuthera Field trip (optional, February 2) $110 (PENDING) Due by December 1, 2013

We look forward to seeing you in the Bahamas in February.