• Overall 1st place winner - Dave Bunnell (Coyote Creek, Calaveras Natural Bridge, California, USA)

KWI photo contest winners

2022 Photo Contest Winners

1st Place Winner 2022 - Dave Bunnell (photographer). Coyote Creek, Calaveras Natural Bridge, California, USA2nd Place Winner 2022 - Cemil Belder (photographer), the "Bulak Mencilis " cave in Safranbolu, Turkey.Hydrogeology Category Winner 2022 - Chuck Sutherland (photographer), Ranger Falls, Grundy County, Tennessee, USA.Landscape Category Winner 2022 - Yvonne Droms (photographer), Rillenkarren in the Purificación Karst, Nuevo León, Mexico.Geology Category Winner 2022 - Mark Minton (photographer), Highly folded bedding in the cave Nita Nashi Arriba in Huautla, Oaxaca, Mexico.Biology Category Winner 2022 - Kevin Saunders (photographer), Carter County, Kentucky, USACultural History Category Winner 2022 - Alan E Fryar (photographer), Puding County, Guizhou Province, ChinaBest entry by former Wilson Scholarship Award Winner 2022 - Cameron de Wet (photographer), Titan Cave, Wyoming, USA

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