Digital Reprint Series and Edited Books

Digital Reprint Series

Publication Recommended Citation Information Price
DR4: Palaeokarsts and Palaeokarstic Reservoirs V.P. Wright, M. Esteban, and P.L. Smart, Eds., 1991, Palaeokarsts and Palaeokarstic Reservoirs, University of Reading, 158 p. Digital Reprint 4: scanned book (1991) on CD (PDF/TIFF format), 158 p.  CD $15.00 USD (plus shipping)

DR3: Palaeokarst N.P. James and P.W. Choquette, Eds., 1988, Paleokarst, Springer-Verlag, New York, 416 p. Digital Reprint 3: scanned book (1988) on CD (PDF/TIFF format), ISBN 0-387-96563-7, 416 p.  CD $15.00 USD (plus shipping)

DR2: Paleokarst: A systematic and regional view P. Bosak, D. C. Ford, J. Glazek and I. Haracek, Eds., 1991, Palaeokarst–A systematic and regional review. Elsevier, Amsterdam/Academia, Prague, 725 p. Digital Reprint 2: scanned book (1991) on CD (PDF/TIFF format), 725 p.  CD $15.00 USD (plus shipping)

DR1: Speleochronos volumes 1-10 (1989-1999) N/A Digital Reprint 1: scanned journals (1989-1999) on CD (PDF/TIFF format), ISSN 1372-6919, 364 p. Articles primarily in French.  CD $15.00 USD (plus shipping)

Edited Books

Publication Recommended Citation Information Price
SP11: Benchmark Papers in Karst Science White, W.B, and Culver, D.C. (eds.), 2007, Benchmark Papers in Karst Science. Special Publication 11, Karst Waters Institute, Leesburg, Virginia, 590 p. Edited Book (2007). 8.5 x 11 inches. 590 pages. Hard bound. Full color cover. ISBN 978-0-9789976-0-1 Hardcover $20.00 USD (plus shipping)