DR3: Palaeokarst

DR3coverThe enclosed CD-ROM contains a scanned version of the complete 1988 book, Paleokarst, edited by N.P. James and P.W. Choquette. The digital book has a total of 323 MB as pdf (tiff) formatted files. The publication may be viewed on a computer using free Adobe Acrobat software, and printed in part or in whole.

CD only. ISBN 0-387-96563-7 and 3-540-96563-7

From the back cover: “This volume brings together for the first time the results of contemporary research on virtually all major aspects of karst and paleokarst. It is divided into two sections covering general karst features and processes as well as examples of paleokarst terranes. The reader will find chapters on – modern cave systems, both the caves and the precipitates (speleothems) adorning them – geochemical attributes of carbonate cements and speleothems associated with both modern and ancient karst – a series of examples of paleokarst at scales ranging from local to regional and interregional and from Precambrian to Mesozoic in age documenting the kind of stratigraphic and sedimentological detail preserved in the rock record – overviews and specific studies concerning the occurrence of hydrocarbons and mineral deposits in ancient karst systems.”

The 416 pages include 18 chapters such as:

  • Characteristics of dissolutional cave systems in carbonate rocks, written by Derek C. Ford
  • Neptunian dikes and fissure fills: Overview and account of some modern examples, written by Peter L. Smart, R.J. Palmer, F. Whitaker, and V. Paul Wright
  • Proterozoic paleokarst profile, Dismal Lakes Group, N.W.T., Canada, written by Charles Kerans and J. Alan Donaldson
  • Ordovician Knox paleokarst unconformity, Appalachians, written by J. Fred Read

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Release Date: July 03, 2009

Recommended Citation: N.P. James and P.W. Choquette, Eds., 1988, Paleokarst, Springer-Verlag, New York, 416 p.