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karstA mission of the Karst Waters Institute is to improve the fundamental understanding of karst water systems through sound scientific research and the education of professionals and the public. An important objective is to provide accessibility to karst information. As part of achieving that objective, this site will provide, as the information is developed, access to important karst data which could be used for research purposes.

Available Datasets and Publications (external sites)

The Karst Information Portal : An open-access digital library linking scientists, managers, and explorers to quality information resources in order to inform research, to enhance collaboration, and to address policy decisions concerning karst environments.

Karst in the United States: A Digital Map Compilation and Database : Produced by the U.S. Geological Survey, this report describes digital maps delineating areas of the United States, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, having karst or the potential for development of karst and pseudokarst. This report includes a GIS database with links from the map unit polygons to online geologic unit descriptions.

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KWI Special Publications and Digital Reprints

Updated terrestrial species list for the United States, a bibliography of taxonomic descriptions, and some general notes

(D.C. Culver, D. Fong, H.H. Hobbs, III, 2013)

Terrestrial Species List [.csv file],

Terrestrial Species List References [pdf]

Subterranean Species Diversity Maps for obligate cave dwelling species of the Eastern United States (2003)

Terrestrial Species

Aquatic Species

Combined Terrestrial/Aquatic Species

A list of cave-limited species in the United States and Canada [.csv file]

(Hobbs, H.H., D.C. Culver, and W.R. Elliott, 2003)

A Lexicon of Cave and Karst Terminology [pdf]

Malcom S. Field, PhD., National Center for Environmental Assessment, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Ground Water Monitoring in Karst Terrains [pdf]

James P. Quinlan, National Park Service, Mammoth Cave, KY

Application of Dye Tracing Techniques for Determining Solute-Transport Characteristics of Ground Water in Karst Terrains [pdf]

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Ground Water Protection Branch; U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Division; US Environmental Protection Agency

Hydrogeology 101 – Introduction to Groundwater Science and Engineering

ISBN 979-8-218-06984-1. Electronically published. 564 pages, color cover and figures.

The content of this book is granted fair use for nonprofit educational and noncommercial uses provided the source (this book) and specific references to figures, photographs, and any parts of the book are fully acknowledged.

Recommended Citation: Kresen, Neven, 2023, Hydrogeology 101: Introduction to Groundwater Science and Engineering. Blue Ridge Press, Warrenton, VA. 564 p.