Species Diversity Maps

These three maps depict species richness of the obligate cave fauna of the eastern United States. The maps are based on more than 5000 records of stygobites and troglobites in caves. The size of the larger hexagons is 3110 sq-km and the smaller hexagons are 778 sq-km. Hexagon grids were made available by Kevin Sahr, Department of Computer Science, Southern Oregon University.

The maps available are:

Aquatic Species


Terrestrial Species


All Species

Financial Support

  • American University
  • Association for Biodiversity Information
  • Cave Conservancy of the Virginias
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

Information on Cave Locations

Individuals: Brent Aulenbach, William Balfour, Richard Blenz, Thom Engel, Dan Feller, Lee Florea, Richard Franz, Horton H. Hobbs III, Cato Holler, John R. Holsinger, Albert Krause, Phil Lucas, Gerald Moni, Tom Moss, Wil Reeves, Gary Soule, Elizabeth White.

Organizations: Alabama Cave Survey, Georgia Speleological Survey, Illinois Speleological Survey, Kentucky Speleological Survey, Ohio Cave Survey, Tennessee Cave Survey, Virginia Speleological Survey, West Virginia Speleological Survey.

Information on Cave Fauna Records

Individuals: Thomas Briggs, Donald Chandler, Kenneth Christiansen, James Cockendolpher, William Elliot, Dan Feller, Lynn Ferguson, Robert Hershler, Horton H. Hobbs III, John Holsinger, Julian Lewis, William Muchmore, Marc Ohms, Rene Ohms, Stewart Peck, William Shear.

Natural Heritage Programs: Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.