Ground Mailing

KWI Publication Mailing Info

Publications may be ordered by mail by printing the order form.

Ground Mailing Form


Credit card orders are processed using PayPal. Alternatively, you may order directly from the KWI Publications office using a check or money order.

KWI Publications
4538 Miller Road
Petersburg, PA 16669-2711

All checks and money orders must be payable in U.S. dollars on a U.S. bank.


Shipping is based on weight. Each book (except SP-4 and SP-11) weighs approximately 1 kg., and each CD weighs approximately 0.5 kg. SP-4 and SP-11 are approximately 2 kg each.


In the United States, the following rates apply:

Less than 1.0 kg $3.25
1.0 kg – 1.9 kg $6.50
2.0 kg – 5.9 kg $8.75
6.0 kg – 9.9 kg $12.00
10.0 kg and above $15.00

For shipping outside the United States, the following general rates apply, as it will depend on the country:

Up to 1.0 kg $16.50
1.1 kg – 2.0 kg $33.00
2.1 kg – 3.0 kg $45.00
3.0 kg and above $50.00