KWI Digital Reprints

DR5: Karst Hydrology: Concepts From the Mammoth Cave Area

Digital Reprint 5: scanned book (1989), ISBN 0-442-22675-6, 346 pp.

Recommended Citation: W.B. White and E.L. White, Eds. 1989, Karst Hydrology: Concepts from the Mammoth Cave Area, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 346 pp.

DR4: Palaeokarsts and Palaeokarstic Reservoirs

Digital Reprint 4: scanned book (1991), 158 p.

Recommended Citation: V.P. Wright, M. Esteban, and P.L. Smart, Eds., 1991, Palaeokarsts and Palaeokarstic Reservoirs, University of Reading, 158 p.

DR3: Palaeokarst

Digital Reprint 3: scanned book (1988), ISBN 0-387-96563-7, 416 p.

Recommended Citation: N.P. James and P.W. Choquette, Eds., 1988, Paleokarst, Springer-Verlag, New York, 416 p.

DR2: Paleokarst: A systematic and regional view

Digital Reprint 2: scanned book (1991), 725 p.

Recommended Citation: P. Bosak, D. C. Ford, J. Glazek and I. Haracek, Eds., 1991, Palaeokarst–A systematic and regional review. Elsevier, Amsterdam/Academia, Prague, 725 p.

DR1: Speleochronos volumes 1-10 (1989-1999)

Digital Reprint 1: scanned journals (1989-1999), ISSN 1372-6919, 364 p. Articles primarily in French.