SP13: Frontiers of Karst Research

SP13_coverSP13: Frontiers of Karst Research

This Special Publication is from the Frontiers of Karst Research workshop held in May, 2008, in San Antonio, Texas. The report contains three main parts: Part 1 is the overview summary of the Opportunities & Recommendations, The Future Frontier; Part II contains seven state-of-the-art, Today’s Frontier, papers presented by breakout leaders at the workshop; and Part III consists of the seven reports, Findings and Recommendations, from the workshop focus groups.

The Karst Waters Institute greatly appreciates the financial and logistical support for the workshop from the following: the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Army Research Office, the National Cave and Karst Research Institute, and the University of Florida, Department of Geological Sciences.

Workshop Proceedings (2008). 118 pages. Soft bound. ISBN 978-0-9789976-2-5

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Recommended Citation: Martin, J.B. and White, W.B. (eds.), 2008, Frontiers of karst research. Special Publication 13, Karst Waters Institute, Leesburg, Virginia, 118 p.