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Conference Date Location Publication Organizers Attendees
Karst, Groundwater Contamination & Public Health January 2016 San Juan, Puerto Rico TBD – Springer Publication Vesper, White, Padilla, Herman, and Herman TBD
Hypogene Cave Morphologies February 2014 San Salvador, Bahamas KWI SP18 Mylroie, Sasowsky, Klimchouk 31
Carbon and Boundaries in Karst (cosponsored by NCKRI) January 2013 Carlsbad, NM KWI SP17 (abstracts)
Acta Carsologica 42/2-3 (selected papers)
Culver, Fong, Veni 50
Carbonate Geochemistry: Reactions and Processes in Aquifers and Reservoirs August 2011 Billings, MT KWI SP16 Engel, Moore, DuChene 67
Karst from Recent to Reservoirs June 2008 Rapid City, SD KWI SP14 Sasowsky, Mylroie, Feazel 85
Frontiers of Karst Research May 2007 San Antonio, TX KWI SP13 Martin, White, Northup, Engel 90
Time in Karst March 2007 Postojna, Slovenia KWI SP12 and Acta Carsologica Culver, Slabe 70
Climate Change in Karst May 2006 Baile Herculane, Romania KWI SP10 Onac, Constantin
Epikarst October 2003 Shepherdstown, WV KWI SP9 Jones, Culver, Herman 60
Hydrology and Biology of Post-Paleozoic Carbonate Aquifers March 2002 Gainesville, FL KWI SP7 Martin, Mylroie, Wicks 60
Biodiversity Mapping March 2001 Moulis, France KWI SP6 Culver, Deharveng, Gibert 40
Karst Modeling February 1999 Charlottesville, VA KWI SP5 Palmer, Jones 60
Biota Protection February 1997 Nashville, TN KWI SP3 Kane, Culver 50
Karst and Climate August 1996 Bergen, Norway KWI SP2 Lauritzen, Mylroie 76
Paleokarst Field Conference February 1995 San Salvador, Bahamas Carbonates and Evaporites, vol. 10, no. 5 Mylroie 40
Geomicrobiology February 1994 Colorado Springs, CO KWI SP1 (abstracts)
Journal of Geomicrobiology (selected papers)
Culver, Herman, Palmer 70