Bill Balfour

William M. Balfour is a Professional Geologist in Virginia and Tennessee and an active speleologist in the southern Appalachians. In his career, Bill has led the West Virginia Speleological Survey, the Virginia Speleological Survey, and has been repeatedly recognized by the National Speleological Society where he is Fellow (1978) and recipient of Certificate of Merit (1994) and the Lew Bicking Award (2012). Working as a consulting geologist in West Virginia, Bill nonetheless finds time to volunteer for KWI, specifically as a researcher on the Muddy Creek Basin Project with Bill Jones. For that project investigating karst groundwater, Bill participates in dye tracing and spring monitoring. With a small amount of funding for equipment and supplies from the Cave Conservancy of the Virginias, Bill is volunteering his time to advance our understanding of karst systems.